EzyFree gives you the opportunity to get a free domain name by completing simple surveys and offers for your online time. Here at EzyFree, we strive to be the easiest place on the web to get a free domain name and you can get many other rewards too.

You can continue to read below for more information on what Domain Names are, how to get them for free and various other things you may want to know about a domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a name that is used to identify a server IP address. Every Server connected to the internet has an IP address, however, it is very hard to remember the many numbers of an IP address. A domain name allows you to change these numbers into words that are easily remembered. A Domain name will require a DNS (domain name server) to redirect the domain name to the IP address, you will usually set this on the user control panel of your domain name account, and the DNS (Domain name server) URL (web address) is provided by your hosting company.

When choosing a domain name, you can choose from a number of different suffixes, these can include: .com, net, org, .info etc. The most popular domain name suffix (by far) is the .com domain name suffix, the second most popular is .net. Domain names can be between 3 and 63 characters long and include hyphens, numbers and letters. Domains come in TLD (top level domain name) and SLD (second level domain name), examples of TLD’s are: .com, .net, .org. Examples of SLD’s are: .co.uk, .com.au, .co.nz.

How to choose a great domain name?

There are many domain names available in many different suffixes, but you want a great domain name, you want a domain name that is short, easy to remember and is search engine friendly. Here are a few techniques to find a great domain name:

Use a thesaurus: Thesaurus’s can help you find other words that mean the same thing as a domain name that is already taken, for example; If you saw that the domain name of: candy.com and you see it is taken, then you goto your thesaurus (or thesaurus.com) and lookup candy, and there we have 10 other words that may be suitable and you might try to see if the domain name of: confectionery.com is available. Please note that these domain names in the example would be already taken, like nearly every english one word domain names are.

Be Creative: If you are looking to start up just say a website that sells domain names, you could use animal names, places, common names etc. For example you could try looking for available domain names like: DomainCave.com, DomainFox.com or DomainsDirect.com; Please note that these domain names are just an example and are likely to be taken already.

Domain Names for Search Engines: To make your domain name search engine friendly, make sure you have a word or even two words in the domain name you pick, that are keywords you want to get search engine rankings for. For example, if you want to target the keyword of ‘Domains’ for your website, you would choose a domain name with the word ‘Domains’ in it. As search engines like Google will see that and help you get higher ranks for ‘Domains’. This is just one aspect of SEO (Search Engine optimization).

If you keep reading down this page, you will find out information about how to get a free domain name and how it works.

How to Get a Free Domain Name

EzyFree has created many ways for you to get a free domain name, all these ways allow you to accumulate enough points to get your very own free domain name. Here are the ways to earn points and get your own domain name (without spending any money at all):

Offers: Big and up and coming companies want to know what you want from them, offers are small surveys to find out this sort of statistical data, and they reward you for filling them out!

Friends: Friends can bring in a lot of extra points, you get points every time your friend(s) complete offers.

Where will my domain name be registered?

We offer free domain names, registered in your name, we credit your account over at 1stInDomains.com with the correct amount of money for a domain name and you can buy any domain name yourself, using the money we credited your account with. The domain names offered are .com .org .net .name .info and many more, to see the full range of domain names you can get, check out 1stInDomains.com

The domain name credit you will receive will cover the cost of 1 year domain registration.

Re-registering the Domain Name After One Year

You register your domain name at a real domain name registrar, you have the option of using EzyFree to re-register your domain name for free, or re-register your domain name using your own money. It is completely your choice.

How do I receive my free Domain Name?

EzyFree will credit your account at 1stindomains.com and you will use this credit to purchase a domain name of your choice.