EzyFree.com allows you to turn your online time into rewards.

EzyFree.com provides you with many opportunities to earn points by participating in online surveys, completing offers, playing games, inviting friends and much more. The points that you accumulate can be used to receive great rewards for free.

1. Earn Points

EzyFree will provide you with a list of online surveys and offers that you can participate in. When you complete a survey or offer you will be rewarded with points, the more you complete, the more points you will receive.

EzyFree has a wide range of free and paid offers that you can complete. We do not require you to complete paid offers to receive a reward.

2. Invite Friends

Your EzyFree account has a unique invite link that can be given to friends to sign up with. The more friends that register with your link, the more points you will earn when they earn points.

Share your invite link on Facebook, Twitter, or by email to get as many friends to sign up. Be sure not to SPAM your invite link.

3. Be Rewarded

Once you have enough points for the reward you want to receive, it is a matter of pressing a button to claim the reward. EzyFree will purchase your reward and have it sent to you.

EzyFree strives to be a fun and safe place to receive great rewards online for free. We value our members feedback and use the feedback to continuously improve our services.

Guide to completing survey/offers successfully

There are several recommendations we have for successfully earning points for the offers and surveys you complete. Keep in mind that these guidelines may not always work but they increase your chances of being credited with points.

  • Do not fill out an offer or survey you already completed from another website. We partner with many offer providers to give you a variety of surveys to choose from but they only want to pay for your data once.
  • Always provide truthful information. There are many public sources to quickly check if you provided a valid name and address. If it is found out that the information is not truthful, you will not be credited with points. Too many point reversals will result in your account being terminated.
  • We recommend creating a new email account specifically for EzyFree so you can keep track of everything easily and keep your real inbox free of clutter. This will come in handy if you want to collect on missing points.
  • If you complete paid offers, it is encouraged that you create a Rakuten acccount and install browser extensions so you may earn additional cash back.
  • If you complete paid offers, it is encouraged that you create an account at Privacy.com so that you can create real credit card numbers on the fly. This protects your real CC information and allows you to limit the amount of money that can be charged.